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Conflict Resolution

Solutions for Believers in Conflict

Jesus never promised us a time on this earth without trouble. Instead, he gave us the gift of peace in the middle of trouble! He promised there would be conflict. But our hope comes through his sovereign power to reconcile all to him.

Conflict is part of our daily lives – learn to embrace and resolve it. Whether a conflict is ultimately negative or positive is often a matter of how the parties involved choose to resolve the issue. We encourage and support individuals during conflicts within their personal relationships, families, churches, schools, professions, and communities. The pastors and staff of Fellowship Church are available for prayer support and biblical guidance. For further assistance, we suggest contacting a faith-based alternative dispute resolution specialist. A list has been provided below.

All appointments, contacts and fees are the responsibility of the client and the faith-based alternative dispute resolution specialist.

ADR Specialists 

Patty Wenetschlaeger
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Mediator, Arbitrator, Trainer
5201 N. O'Connor Blvd, 5th Floor
Irving, Texas 75039
Phone: 972-870-9898
Fax: 972-870-9053


Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution. It is a voluntary process of assisted negotiations by a neutral party, allowing the parties to a dispute to work through disagreements constructively. The role of the mediator is to encourage and assist the parties in identifying issues and exploring settlement alternatives. The mediator facilitates communication so that each party may understand the perspective of the others. The mediation process is confidential and if agreements are reached, a settlement document can be binding.


If the parties cannot agree through mediation, they can proceed to arbitration. Arbitration is a private and informal adjudicatory process similar to a court. The hearing is much less formal in procedure than a court, but each party has the right to present proofs and arguments as in a court of law. The arbitrator makes a decision that is usually legally binding and enforceable upon the parties. As with mediation, the process can be scheduled and resolved quickly, and it is much less adversarial than litigation.

Fellowship Church does not warrant the competence of services of any professional listed here. When selecting a professional, it is important to make an independent assessment of the professional and their qualifications. It is usually helpful to ask the professional a few questions about his/her practice. Fellowship Church cannot and does not provide any warranties related to the information contained in any part of the dispute resolution process. Faith-based conflict resolution is not a substitute for competent legal or other professional counsel. Rather, such consultations can aid in the process. Issues such as confidentiality concerns, statutes of limitations, and other matters mandate expert review.