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Creative League

Wednesday Nights at 7pm

Discovering your talent, discovering your purpose.

Creative League is a place where the creatives of today are investing into the creatives of tomorrow. Every week, kids (ages 1st - 5th grade) have the opportunity to learn from, rub shoulders with and create alongside the best of the best in all areas of creativity from music, to production and so much more.

Not only are these kids and students getting to learn from incredible coaches, but they're getting to create weekly experiences for kids and students their age, immediately putting everything they're learning into action.

Join us from 7 - 8PM this Wednesday at Creative League!


1. Does my son or daughter need to already know how to play an instrument or do video?
- Creative League will meet your son or daughter where they're at. Whether they've had previous training or not, they'll have access to hands on training in every area!

2. Does my son or daughter need to bring their own equipment?
- If your son or daughter has their own equipment they are welcome to bring it with them, but it is not required.

3. Will there be performances I can invite my family and friends to?
- Kids perform every Sunday at FC Kids and quarterly in the weekend experiences.

4. What are the different creative areas my son or daughter can choose from?
- Creative League has many areas to choose from including: singing, dancing, guitar, drums, bass, piano, video, production, design & social media.

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