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Fellowship Church

Fellowship Church

Exodus Ministries

What we are all about 
Empowering formerly incarcerated mothers and their children to achieve a productive and fulfilling life through Jesus Christ. 

16 years and up, men and women 

Every Sunday morning and at specific times throughout the week 

How you can volunteer 
Assemble welcoming baskets for new families, help drive families from the Exodus center to FC Dallas for church (using the Exodus vans), provide childcare at Exodus when there are special events for moms, become a mentor for a new exodus mom, host Exodus graduations at our FC downtown campus, host birthday parties at the Exodus center, help make small repairs for vehicles driven by the Exodus women, adopt a family for Christmas 

How you can donate 
Bring toilet paper, paper towels and feminine products for new families arriving at Exodus 

Where we are located 
4630 Munger Ave, Dallas 

How do I get started? 
Contact or call 972-471-6643