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Creativity, Inspiration, Life Change

 Fellowship Creative is movement made up of those who love to use their talents to creatively show people that God is madly in love with them. We believe that creativity inspires life change and life change inspires creativity. Whether you sing or play an instrument, design, paint, write or would rather be behind-the-scenes, we would love to get you involved in all that we're doing at Fellowship Church. 

Music & Performance

Fellowship Creative is made up of amazing volunteers who love to perform and use their talent to creatively show people far from God that He is madly in love with them. Whether you play an instrument, sing, dance or act, we would love to get you involved in all that we're doing at Fellowship Church.

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There's a story to tell in everything that happens at Fellowship Church; every event, every weekend, every message, and in every single person. It's up to our team to tell it. Find out how you can get involved.

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Whether through an element on stage, the Source, or FC Kids, it's creative volunteers just like you who help the various ministries throughout Fellowship Church maintain a high standard of excellence.

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Live Production

So much of what happens each week at Fellowship Church, and across all of our locations, is made possible by the live production support team. Whether you're experienced or brand new to the live production scene, we want to get you involved!

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