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Finding the Right People

Relationships can make or break us. That’s why we offer a wide variety of groups that can help you find the right people and get you connected to the right place! Whether you are a mom, student, business professional, married couple or single adult, we have a place for you!

Serving Groups

At Fellowship Church we believe that the strongest community is created in a group that is committed to serving others. We want to help you get connected with a Serving Group today! You will not only serve together, but also have opportunities to connect relationally and support one another through regular group gatherings.

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Fearless Mom

We believe parenting is not something to just survive but to thrive in and enjoy! Fearless Mom exists to equip and encourage every mom to enjoy life – whether you are a mom of a newborn or a mom of a teenager! We don’t want to add to all that we have to do as moms, but we want to be intentional in all we do as moms!

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Financial Peace

This 9-week class is designed to help you discover financial freedom and make the most of your finances. Whether you're living in financial chaos or the sweet spot of God's success, this class will help you! 

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Support & Recovery Groups

Our support and recovery groups are for anyone seeking Christian encouragement while going through the process of recovering and overcoming life's challenges. We are committed to sharing experiences, strengths, and hope with each other in an open and confidential setting.

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