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Kid Faith

Helping Your Child 
Take Their Next Step

Kid faith is an interactive class for children 1st - 5th grade that helps children understand what it means to accept jesus as their savior. It also gives parents tools and resources to help children grow as christ-followers.

Kid faith will help children better understand:

  • The impact of sin in their lives
  • God’s plan of salvation
  • How to accept Jesus as their savior
  • How to live as a christ-follower

Kid faith will help parents:

  • Better understand what their child understands
  • Build better spiritual conversations with their children
  • Learn spiritual principles to live by and teach their children

A child’s decision to accept Jesus as their savior is the most important decision a child will make. Because this is so important, kid faith is a required class for children before they are baptized at fellowship church. At least one parent is required to attend with their child.

No classes are scheduled at this time.

kid faith

Children's Baptism

We invite family and friends to be a part of this event as we cheer for their decision to join God’s Team! 

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