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Exciting News About Multiplication!


Life has Divine moments. As the Apostle Paul wrote, we should “make the most of every opportunity” (Ephesians 5:16). These are moments where you capture the opportunity and then God takes you to places that you could never imagine! We as a church have prayed for God to give us wisdom. We have asked God to do greater things in us and through us for His glory and that He would expand our sphere of influence. We prayed God would multiply this ministry in exponential ways so we can go farther faster in telling the Gospel story of Jesus locally, regionally and globally!

God has answered our prayers! We as a church are seizing this unbelievable God-given moment for multiplication in a way that we could have never imagined, asked or thought!


The passion of South Biscayne has always been to reach as many people for Jesus as possible, whatever it takes! This multiplication opportunity allows us to expand in mission and ministry by becoming part of the multi-site model and combining resources for further Kingdom growth.

Pastor Ed and Lisa Young and Fellowship Church have this exact same passion and vision!


Fellowship Church​, led by Pastor ​Ed Young​, is a multi-site church with six locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, one location in Miami, Florida along with an online campus. It is one of the most creative, influential, globally impacting churches in America in reaching people far from God. Under Pastor Ed Young’s leadership, Fellowship Church has grown from a church plant in 1990 to an average of over 20,000 people each weekend. This has occurred primarily by reaching the unreached!

Ed Young TV​ is a resource that is broadcast in Dallas, Texas (CBS KTVT 11), Miami, Florida (ABC WPLG 10), Fort Myers, Florida (CBS Wink 11) and Tampa, Florida (NBC WFLA 8).

Fellowship Church is on the leading edge of reaching the next generation with the Elevate preschool and children’s ministries. We have already been using ​Elevate​ curriculum for nearly a decade!

The Mix​ is the student movement of Fellowship Church which is all about using excitement, creativity and energy in order to reach, equip, and empower this generation for Christ!

In 2008 the ​Allaso Ranch​ premier retreat and camp center was opened in Hawkins, Texas. Thousands of kids, students and adults are impacted there each year!

Pastor Ed and Lisa Young and Fellowship Church have always had a passion for equipping church leaders globally. Twenty years ago the ​C3 Conference​ was created. This Conference is a gathering of thousands of leaders and influencers from all walks of life and all around the world each year. To date, over 42,000 people have attended this annual conference, representing forty-seven states and twenty countries!

Spurring out of this same passion for pastors, their families, and the local church, ​C3 Global​ was birthed in 2010. C3 Global is a network of churches that collaborate together in order to best fulfill the Great Commission.

In addition, C3 Global churches partner together for compassionate causes in Haiti and Guatemala providing meals to orphans throughout many villages. To date, C3 Global has provided nearly 10 million meals!

In 2013, Fellowship launched ​University of Next Level​, a leadership school offering a nine-month program where students experience a balanced mix ​of classroom academics and hands-on ministry training​.


South Biscayne has become part of Fellowship Church which is one church family with many locations. Through this incredible partnership, we will be able to see an even greater impact for Christ by reaching more in southwest Florida, the nation and the world!


By combining churches, there are more opportunities for collaboration, connection, and creativity. All of this will allow us to reach more people!

Pastors Ed Young and John Cross and Fellowship Church and South Biscayne Church have been collaborating in missions and ministry for nearly fifteen years. Now our churches are merging together!

As part of this exciting opportunity, Pastor Ed Young will serve as our Senior Pastor and Pastor John Cross will continue to assist him in providing leadership in North Port and in the overall ministry of Fellowship Church. For the next few months, Pastor John and Dawn Cross will remain in North Port helping with this transition. They will eventually reside in Dallas, Texas.

The current South Biscayne staff continue to have the opportunity to serve in North Port and alongside their fellow peers at all Fellowship Church campuses. This will bring a tremendous amount of synergy and energy to the overall leadership in North Port! This also allows us to become more effective and efficient in fulfilling our overall mission.


This name change allows us to expand our local legacy while embracing a greater global influence!


We will continue to do whatever it takes to communicate the Gospel to the unchurched. This will include uplifting music, innovative children and student ministries and biblical preaching that is both live and video. Plans are to continue our current weekly schedule, while following our church culture of always evaluating for effectiveness and efficiency.


Our vision remains the same: To ​REACH UP​ in worship of our great God, ​REACH OUT​ to those who have yet to know the life-transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and ​REACH IN​ to grow and mature believers. Through this merger and collaboration we are all going to a ​Holy Nutha’ Level​! Our desire is to bring glory to God by serving seekers and building believers. This is going to take all of us as we continue to pray, serve, give and multiply!

The ​BEST​ is yet to come! This is our ​MOMENT​!

moment of multiplication

Pastors Ed & Lisa Young

Ed Young is a pastor, author and conference speaker noted for his creative communication style. He has a passion for making the complex simple as he speaks truth to people in ways they can understand and apply to their everyday lives...

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