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Day 17: Dealing with Debt, Part 3

Know well the conditions of your flocks, and give attention to your herds, for riches do not last forever. - Proverbs 27:23-24

Keep track of your spending. I’ll say it again. Keep track of your spending. Do you know the condition of your checking account?  Does it always seem to come up short forcing you to move money from your savings account?  Are you spending away whatever savings you have in order to maintain a lifestyle you cannot afford?

Riches do not last forever. Money management is essential to your overall financial health. To be a good money tracker you need to know what comes in and what goes out. You need to have certain knowledge that what goes out is not exceeding what comes in. Riches do not last forever!

Give God thanks for all that He has shown you during this 90 Day Challenge. Get specific. Write them all down and read them back with a voice of thanksgiving.

Take time today to look carefully at your financial state. Note what is coming in and compare it with what is going out. If the going out exceeds the coming in, make the necessary changes. Do it today!


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