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Day 19: Giving, Part 2

Give, and it will be given to you. A good portion – packed down, firmly shaken, and overflowing – will fall into your lap. The portion you give will determine the portion you receive in return.- Luke 6:38

Give and it will be given to you. In God’s economy there is a spiritual law of generosity. You give something and you will receive something. It’s like the natural law of gravity. Jump off a ladder and you will hit the ground every time. Why? Gravity!  Give and you will receive every time. Why? Generosity! Whether it is a natural law or a spiritual law, the outcome is always the same.

No doubt that during this 90 Day Challenge you have seen God do some amazing things in your life. When it comes to the tithe, God said test Him and see if He would not bless you. This is another spiritual law. Tithe and you will be blessed. Give and you will receive. Are you starting to see something? Whether it is a natural law that God built into our world or a spiritual law, His word is always true. Now go give something!

Ask God to quicken your expectancy and to open your eyes regarding the returns on your generosity. We often miss them because we are not expecting nor looking.

Continue to find as many ways as possible to give. Do not limit your giving to money only. Be creative and have fun.


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