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Day 22: God's Supply, Part 2

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19

Context is everything and Philippians 4:19 must be understood in it context. The Philippians gave generously to the cause of Christ and as a result Paul declared that God would provide the resources for every situation of lack and shortage. Generosity toward Christ’s church and the gospel is the key that unlocks the supply of God.

How many needs will God’s supply meet? Paul puts it plainly – every need!  When we are faithful to provide financially for the church and its mission, God promises to meet our every need.  Note that Paul writes “and my God will supply.” He does not say “our” God, but “my” God.  Why? Paul is writing from personal experience. He has seen God provide again and again. As a result, he encourages us all to be generous toward the church and then watch God provide.

Thank God for the 90 Day Challenge as it reinforces your commitment to God and His church. Also, thank him for the fact that he will supply all your needs as you continue to bring the tithe.

List out every need you can think of that God has met in your life. Now write down any current needs that have yet to be met. Look at the list of met needs and let them be a reminder that as you continue in the 90 Day Challenge, God will be faithful to meet those outstanding needs.


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