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Day 30: Live Within Your Means

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. - Luke 12:34

How can we live within our means? How do we overcome the urge to have more than our income can afford? Follow three steps: Look inside, look back, and look forward. Let’s begin with “look inside” by asking the question, “Why do we spend more than we make?” If we take this question seriously, we will discover that there is something we value more than God.

What can reign in our hearts is what the experts call SPAM – Status, Performance, Appearance and Money. All too often we define our value by how others approve our position in life, our job title, our looks, and our pile of stuff. If SPAM is the treasure of our heart, it is no surprise that we spend more than we make!

Ask the Holy Spirit to sniff out any traces of SPAM in your heart and repent of it. Declare to God that He alone is your treasure.

As you go about your daily activities today, pay attention to both yourself and those you come in contact with. Look carefully and listen closely to see how SPAM can be the driving force in all of our lives.


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