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Fellowship Church Quilting Team

What we are all about
We have a great opportunity through the making of quilts to remind many that Fellowship Church is thinking and praying for them. From being a new mom to being sick in the hospital, we’ve been able to give handmade quilts to help celebrate life as well as provide comfort and support.  While sewing the quilts, our team prays for the recipient and also has the opportunity to personally deliver the quilt. 

Ages 12 and up. Some sewing knowledge is required.

How to Volunteer:
We have many situations in which a quilt can be a blessing. We have groups that meet monthly to gather and quilt together. We also have individuals who quilt on their own time. Whatever your schedule is like, know that each quilt you give will be put to great use.

How do I get started? 
Contact Amber Hoggard or call 972-471-6670.